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High-Quality, Beautiful Photography

See through a different lens!  No lens photography is my specialty.

Ive loved photography since I was a kid;

Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Co.
Printed on vellum with hand-applied gold backing.

My Background

I've loved photography ever since my father gave me a Kodak Duaflex II when I was twelve.  I've gone onto explore many types of  cameras and photographic expression.

This is a pinhole image made with a Celestial Seasonings tin using photo paper as the negative.

Photography as Communication

I love landscape photography.  I have recently printed my images on vellum and then gold-leafed by hand on the back.  This produces a luminous effect.  I also enjoy alternative processes in image making:  cyanotypes, pinhole images and image lifts.  


Sharing Stories

I carry my iPhone with me all the time.  Would be pictures are all around.  This image I took on a walk in Fort collins, Co. It's one of my favorites and is gold-leafed on the back.  

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